Babylon 5, the first in a long line of my Femslash obsessions. (Although as the relationship was confirmed by both actresses and the series creator I’m not sure if it still qualifies as subtext, but because nothing explicit happened in the series we were left to speculate for the first two seasons before getting that confirmation in Talia’s final episode.)

Susan Ivanova hates Psi Corps, Talia Winters works for Psi Corps. Just that and we have the beginnings of what will be a very bumpy road to true love. But from the moment Talia stepped into CnC and introduced herself to the aloof Susan with a determined look in her eye and a seductive smile on her lips we knew that it was going to be an amusing bumpy ride.

The initial hostility became a grudging  respect, which eventually turned into a tentative friendship, that led to one night together before it all went wrong.

There was never a discussion of a romantic relationship between them, there was never any overt physical contact between the two, there was never a kiss. But we did get one scene that told us everything we needed to know. Talia alone in Susan’s bed, turning over and reaching out for her missing lover. 

 That was head canon.