It was sweetnuisance who made me watch this series. She turned up at my house with the first season vhs boxset, practically tied me to my couch and said ‘WATCH!’ So I did and to this day I still don’t know how I managed to miss this being on my television for almost two years before discovery.

Helen Stewart and Nikki Wade were my first television lesbian couple. No implication, no subtext, no apologies; Nikki was gay and Helen was well on her way to realising she was by the end of the first season. Just the small problem of the prison bars between them, but even that didn’t seem to cause Nikki too much of a obstacle in the season two finale and Helen’s shock and protest of Nikki turning up on her doorstep was really just for show. Season three was a bit more of a bumpy ride with a break-up, a riot and swing back to heterosexuality (for Helen, not Nikki), but with Nikki’s appeal getting ever closer we were certain they were going to get their happy end. But they did make us wait until after the last ad break… the bastards!